me and what I like!!!!
Hi i'm zack and i'm mad about gory games!eg Resident evil 1 and 2.I also love games workshop! Here's me(on the left)Do you like the back ground,its the skin of the snake I killed from Resident Evil!!!!

Quick cheats for my best game
Here's some quick cheats for Resident Evil 2. Mix all three herbs infinite life. How to kill the crock boss in one hit.As you go round the first bend after the turning bridge you will notice a green light go up to it and check it out it will say somthing about something witch I cant remember then carry on going down the passage way until you come to an open door go close to it and out of the water will jump the crock boss run back to the green light it will now be red check it out and a gas canister will fall out.When the crock eats it shoot it and it will explode.

Games I will include cheets for!

Favourite links

Zooming good cheats
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cheat city

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